This is a disease with very little in the realm of treatment; and has been disregarded by medical professional’s for centuries, which adds to the already tarnished name of the disease.
This site takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of fibromyalgia. From the beginning of dealing with a complicated disabling force to the many steps of loss and including dealing with physicians, the psychology of chronic illness and finding hope where there is none.
Together we will examine some of the controversy surrounding FM like: misdiagnosis, hormones, sleep, fatigue, nutrition, medications, the social security process, symptoms, lab testing, treatments, staying positive, emotional support, depression and more. This site was developed to help those with fibromyalgia help themselves; to help those who cannot find hope buried within this tragic, chronic illness; and to help those who want to educate themselves to stay one step ahead of fibromyalgia.
This illness can have disabling results and the key to wellness is educating yourself and advocating for yourself where others will not, and this site is the key to finding those answers. Someday everyone will appreciate the impact of this illness and the importance of its severity. Everything that matters today about this disease will be covered in detail in this site and offers the reader a well-rounded understanding of the disease, from diagnosis to effective coping; and everything in between. What were once thought to be invalid diseases by the world eventually become validated with time and research and so will fibromyalgia. Sadly, for millions of people, time is not on their side and help is desperately needed NOW.
Science is narrowing the gap with fibromyalgia between ability and disability. Medicine is eliminating invalid theories every day and we definitely know a lot about what FM IS NOT. Unfortunately all that the medical field offers many people with FM today are hollow theories and trial and error therapies. Fibromyalgia is an illness that is grossly misunderstood in every possible category and in greater number than most people in the world realize.